Covering The Bases

Wow, another great season due to our wonderful customers! Thank you to all of our baseball fans who joined us this past year. We look forward to another exciting year in 2019 as we embark on our 37th year of going to Major League Baseball games all over the United States and Canada.

2019 will take us back to Denver for two games at beautiful Coors Field (Tour 3). We will also return to the exciting College World Series in Omaha on this same tour. The College World Series is a must for all baseball fans as these college kids play their hearts out for the chance to be called a National Champion.

Our season will begin in March with Spring Training tours in Arizona and Florida. Sunny skies and hope for all teams makes Spring Training a festive time of the year. The Florida tour will also include the regular season home opener for the Miami Marlins and a regular season game at Tampa Bay.

The All Star Game returns to Progressive Field in Cleveland and our fans on Tour 7 will witness this mid-summer classic game along with the Home Run Derby. What’s better than one game at Wrigley Field? Well two of course and Tour 16 will provide just that with one game inside the historical ballpark and another from a rooftop! The always popular and often sold out tour of the West Coast will take place in August on Tour 21. The chance to experience the Hall of Fame Induction ceremony in Cooperstown can happen on Tour 8 out of Chicago or on Tour 9 out of New York.

Want to see the great city of New Orleans? Tour 19 will take us through the Deep South with games in Atlanta, Houston, Arlington and a couple of free days to explore the wonderful city of New Orleans. How about a trip to Niagara Falls and Toronto? We have two for you to choose from, Tours 11 and 15 will both attend games in Toronto as well as a sightseeing stop at Niagara Falls. Don’t forget to check out Tour 18 that features a Broadway Play in the great city of New York.

The ever popular Ultimate Game Day Weekend (Tour 24) will be back again for its seventh consecutive year. This exciting trip features both MLB and NFL games will take place in September. Check back with us in May as we disclose the details of the very exciting combination trip.

We look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones at our favorite meeting spot.

See you at the ballpark,