Trip Availability

2020 Trip Availability

* Officially MLB hasn’t announced the new schedule for 2020. However, we are assuming that it will be a different schedule than the original one in which we developed our tours from and/or fans will not be allowed in the stands at the beginning.


Therefore we are canceling Trips 1 – 23 for 2020.  We will provide more information on Trips 24 and 25 at a later date once MLB provides the new schedule for 2020.


 If you are a participant on Trips 1- 23, we will be contacting you regarding your payment. Jay Buckley’s Baseball Tours will provide full refunds or 110% credit for future trips with JBBT.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss.



Trip 24 TBD

Escorts: TBD


Trip 25 = 48 spots remaining

Escort: Matt Thornton

Please contact us with any questions.


updated 6/29/2020