Trip Availability

The number behind each tour is the number of seats AVAILABLE on that tour.

Please feel free to call or write with any questions.

 Now accepting partial trips for both spring training tours. Please call to discuss

Spring Training Arizona: 5

Escorts: Frank Thornton, Matt Thornton

Spring Training Florida: 4

Escort: Jay Buckley

Tour #1: 18

Escorts: Matt and Stephanie Thornton

Tour #2: 23

Escorts: Jay Buckley, Jim Olson

Tour #3: 13

Escorts: Fred Monk, Bill Antony

Tour #4: 17

Escorts: Jim and Konnie Bartels

Tour #5: 20

Escorts: Mark Fuller, Marty Paulsen

Tour #6: 19

Escorts: Kevin Mihalovic

Tour #7: 29

Escorts: Jay Buckley, Dick Jonckowski

Tour #8: 25

Escorts: Fred Monk, Larry Zorn

Tour #9: 14

Escorts: Kevin Mihalovic, Scott Mihalovic

Tour #10: 23

Escorts: Mark Fuller, Tim Tschida

Tour #11: 27

Escorts: Dave Mitchell, Frank Miles

Tour #12: 21

Escorts: Jay Buckley, Dick Jonckowski

Tour #13: Waiting list only

Tour #14: 16

Escorts: Frank and Chris Thornton

Tour #15: 20

Escort: Dave Mitchell

Tour #16: 13

Escorts: Bruce and Karen Nordstrom

Tour #17: 9

Escort: Jay Buckley

Tour #18: 8

Escorts: Mike and Judy Limberg

Tour #19: 17

Escorts: Matt and Stephanie Thornton

Tour #20: 29

Escorts: Jay Buckley, Jeff Potratz

Tour #21: 14

Escort: Larry Zorn

Tour #22: 9

Escorts: Russ Porter, Ted Ringleheim

Tour #23: 30

Escort: Roy and Dawn Martin

Tour #24: 28

Escort: Jay Buckley

Tour #25: 31

Escort: Jay Buckley

Tour #27: 45

Escort: Matt Thornton



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